Elspeth Wyllie



Piano Teaching

Elspeth holds the LRAM teaching licentiate from the Royal Academy of Music and currently teaches piano at James Allen’s Girls’ School and JASSPA. She has over 20 years experience as a peripatetic and private piano teacher, working with children as young as four, busy teenagers, and ambitious or tentative adults. Elspeth enjoys building individual connections with all her pupils, aiming to leave them able to learn for themselves.


Elspeth has devised and co-led music workshops in a variety of settings:

  • Working for South East London arts and education charity SongEasel, Elspeth co-ordinated, led and delivered their 2023 education programme to around 1000 children in 6 Lewisham primary schools, involving performances with professional singers, learning workshops and a showcase performance.
  • Funded by Youth Music Initiative (Creative Scotland) from 2017-2020, the Amalie Trio visited more than 1000 primary school children in East Lothian. The interactive performance workshops introduced the drama and intimacy of live chamber music up close, and highlighted the skills and experiences of being a professional musician, to children who are growing up in the towns and villages that the trio also grew up in. The responses of the children to the visits were inspiring.
  • Led by the Schubert Ensemble, Elspeth and the Hepplewhite Piano Trio visited a secondary school in Birmingham for a term, performing for and coaching pupils in the preparation of newly-commissioned music for a performance.
  • Elspeth worked with Gingerbread Opera, visiting a primary school in Tower Hamlets to introduce the world of opera to pupils, and prepare a mini-performance of Hansel and Gretel.