Elspeth Wyllie

Experiencing live music

‘Sharing’ is a word being used a lot these days, and mainly in relation to online social media. We write articles, thoughts or messages and then we ‘share’ them. Issues then arise with ‘over-sharing’, ie. when people tell you more than you want to know, or send more information than you find relevant or interesting! The best thing about being a chamber player is sharing the experience of music-making with colleagues.  In concerts, there’s the vitally important connection between performers, and also between the performers and the audience. Sometimes audiences are unaware of how much musicians can sense their reactions and attention, and how much this contributes to the atmosphere of the concert. It’s just as critical as all the hours spent in practice and rehearsal.

Recently, the non-performing aspect of my professional life have given rise to some incredibly uplifting  moments –  pupils performing in public or passing exams,  students responding to coaching sessions and making progress, and choirs realising more of their potential.  It feels great to share in their joy and sense of accomplishment!

Uh-oh… have I ‘over-shared’?